STA-BIL Rust Stopper

STA-BIL Rust Stopper

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STA-BIL Rust Stopper is a corrosion inhibitor that protects all common metals.

This rust inhibitor fights the formation of rust and corrosion on exposed metal surfaces.

Rust Stopper provides powerful, long lasting protection. It leaves a film coating on metal surfaces that is proven to withstand the test of various weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Use STA-BIL Rust Stopper on cars, motorbikes, bike and motorcycle chains, boats, garden equipment, chainsaws and more. The formula works on electrical component and painted surfaces.

The specialised formula prevents normal water erosion and keeps the protected surface from developing water stream markings resulting in uneven corrosion.

Rust Stopper stops existing rust from spreading. Once rust is present this formula stops it in its tracks and covers it with a protective coating.

STA-BIL Rust Stopper also lubricates parts and tools to stop squeaks and sticking.

Please note: Due to shipping restrictions on aerosols we are unable to send this item outside of England, Scotland and Wales.

Size: 12oz aerosol